Saturday, December 27, 2008

15 Random Facts About Myself (in no particular order)

I just visited and accepted her invitation to copy her post.

1. I love to visit Ruby's Readery (a local used and new bookstore) and buy books by authors I have not previously read.

2. I have increasingly alarming short term memory loss.

3. I can't stand it when people walk into work in a bad mood. Leave it at home, people!

4. I still worry about my grown children when the weather is bad. I will call my son (almost 28 yrs. old) to make sure he made it to work okay.

5. My favorite event of the year is NG weekend. That's the weekend I get together with my three sisters for about three and a half days. This year will be NG6.

6. I need to get back on track with Weight Watchers.

7. I didn't send Christmas cards this year.

8. I want a large print Bible but I don't want it to weigh ten pounds.

9. I never thought I would enjoy receiving email as much as receiving regular mail, but I do.

10. I like SPAM and I have several recipes that include it.

11. My job is very challenging but I love it.

12. I find myself referring to people I know only through blogging by their names as if we know each other. (I hope that doesn't scare any of you.)

13. I would still like to be a stay at home mom one day.

14. My favorite place to be is at home.

15. I go to an amazing church-First Free Will Baptist Church of LG.

Okay, just like Melinda, I won't tag anyone. Do it if you want to be random like us!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just think about what you're saying, please.

It is time to talk about a pet peeve. I want to preface this by saying that I love Christmas and all things Christmas. Yes, I know it can be a very busy time. I know that some people spend too much money. I know that sometimes the expectations that people have are not met so they are disappointed and disillusioned. I recognize ALL of that.

Here's my beef: I just shudder when I hear people say "I CAN'T WAIT TIL CHRISTMAS IS OVER!" Am I the only one who cringes when they hear this? Do these people think about what they are saying? Do they really mean they can't wait until we stop honoring and celebrating our Savior's birth? Are they that sick of the idea of being generous and giving and loving? Is being with family and friends that painful? Have they forgotten what it was to be a child and LIVE 364 days a year just for Christmas Day?

I'm just asking.

If you are one of those people, maybe it's time for you to step away from your baking and shopping and planning and going and doing and just BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD.

Let me share something with you from John J. Parsons: "Be still comes from the Hiphil stem of the verb rapha (meaning to be weak, to let go, to release) which might better be translated as "cause yourselves to let go" or "let yourselves become weak". But to what end are we to "be still" or "let go" or "surrender" or even "die to ourselves"? We "let go" in order to objectively know the saving power of God in our lives. We give up trusting in ourselves and our own designs in order to experience the glory of God's all-sufficiency. When we confess the truth about who we really are-weak, feeble, ineffectual-we can surrender our desire to control outcomes and entrust the care of the world to God."

Maybe the reason you are ready for Christmas to be over is because you think it is up to you to make Christmas be everything for everyone. Stop trying. Rest. Be still. Know that He is God.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another giveaway!

Go to Whitney's site at for a fun Christmas question. I can hardly keep up with all the giveaways lately!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Great giveaway at Tanya's site

You have to go to and check out her new giveaway. I want to win this one so badly that I can't wait for her to announce the winner. I get two more chances at winning by posting a picture that I want to have transformed into a beautiful work of art.

My picture is one of my family that was taken when I was about four years old. I am the blonde in the front. I love this picture of my sweet, wonderful family. It is especially dear to me now that my mother, father and youngest sister are in heaven. I would LOVE to have this on canvas to hang on my wall. Even better, I would love to have four of them so I could give one to each of my remaining sisters.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas at the Fletchers

I have had a time trying to upload my pictures this time. I tried for two days and was finally successful tonight. However, they seem to be a little random in order so just try to imagine a seamless, flowing presentation.

This is the dining room table. It is rather plain but I like something simple so that it is easy to remove for dinner time.

Dennis' Christmas Village:

Some of the pretties on the tree:

This Nativity is something from Dennis' childhood. His family had it as long as he can remember. (He is 53) The figures were made in Italy. The stable, however, is newer. The figures used to be set up on a heavy cardboard thing that opened up and the stable popped up but it deteriorated with age and we had to get rid of it.

One of the crosses on our tree. I love all the different crosses but this is one of my favorites.

One of the many nativity sets that Dennis has bought for me. I love to find new ones.

A shot of the tree from the living room. We decided to put it in the little breakfast nook and I love how it looks here. Our artificial, pre-lit tree was destroyed in the flood we had in April so we bought a living tree that will go out in the yard after Christmas. It is a white pine.

Our little tree in the foyer by the front door.

The little Nativity vignette on the tree. I love this.

I have used this little sleigh for a foyer decoration for years and decided to use it for our smaller Christmas gifts this year. I found the neatest wrapping paper at the GROCERY STORE for $1.00 a roll. It has baby Jesus in the manger with a sweet little lamb beside him.

Another shot of the tree; this time from the kitchen view.

The dining room window with my retro candle lights and choir boys. I found both of these at an antique mall. They just scream Christmas 1955, don't they?

The following nativity is my favorite that Dennis has given me. This one was a complete surprise. I had admired it but knew we could not spend the money for it. He surprised me with it for Christmas. I just love this one.

Another view of the tree and Nativity and sleigh and stockings. We don't have a fireplace.

I have enjoyed showing you our home. Come again.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Follow this link to a FAB giveaway!

You have to rush right over to for a chance to win one of her two great prizes. Myself, I am hoping for the glass friendship ball. Pick me. Pick me.