Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One more time..........

Last Saturday Dennis and I went to Rogers, Arkansas for a mini-date.  We ate at Ghengis Grill (one of our new favorite places), went to Target and topped it off with Starbucks.  Yes, we are quite an adventurous couple!  These little moments are great for giving us a chance to talk to each other without interruptions.

As we sat in GG, I asked Dennis what his thoughts were concerning our gifts to one another this year.  We sometimes have bought no gifts,other times we buy a gift that is more of a family gift and  there are the years we buy gifts for one another.  I don't need or want anything.  I have enough and more than enough; in fact, so much "enough" that we need a storage building!  (I know, First World Problem)  My suggestion was, at first, no gifts.  But, the more we talked the more we realized that there was something that we both wanted:  to restore our master bedroom ONE MORE TIME!

If you have known us for any length of time you know that our house has flooded completely two times and there have been other minor water episodes that affected the master bedroom.  We have lived in our home for twelve years and we have replaced the flooring in the MB three times.  Currently we have cement floors in our room.  The last flood-ette was this past spring.  We haven't done anything about putting in carpet because of those ever present fears of it happening again.  (And, seriously, it's not like our fears aren't warranted).

Sitting there Saturday discussing Christmas we decided to tackle it one more time.  I had already started a board on Pinterest with ideas for an eventual remodel.  I told Den about my ideas and he was on board.  We have such similar tastes and likes in so many areas.  It has always been uncanny how often we have been thinking of the same thing.   I envision a restful, calm haven for our master bedroom.  My board has lots of different ideas and I know that we won't use all of them.  Sometimes the things I pin only have one tiny element that I like but I don't want to forget it.  (I have a tendency to do that-forget).

I am excited about picking out paint colors and carpet and different elements to achieve the picture in my head.  I have some fun things in mind that I can't wait to show you.  So, watch this space for updates.  Who knows?  You might even be asked to help decide some decorating questions!