Sunday, November 30, 2008

In Everything.....Give Thanks

Those four words have been cropping up everywhere in the past few days. I know, you are probably thinking, well, duh Verla, we did just celebrate THANKSGIVING, hello? That is true. So, of course, thanks and thanksgiving have been very much in the air. What I mean, though, is those EXACT four words. A devotion that I receive daily expounded on those four words. Then, a good portion of Book Seven in the Mitford Series by Jan Karon, which I just finished reading last night, dealt with those four words. Our pastor's message included those four words today in his personal testimony. All of these different "arrows" have really pierced my heart and I realize that I was needing to hear these words over and over. It's easy to give thanks when I can see the good that will come from something. It's easy to give thanks when things work out my way and for what I think is the best. It's not so easy, however, to give thanks when you feel like you are stumbling in the dark or cannot imagine how any beauty will rise from these ashes. But I am commanded and challenged to go ahead and give thanks. So, I am just going to do that. Thank you God that in all of those circumstances and problems that I just don't understand I know without a doubt that you are near me and loving me and working things out according to your will.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another giveaway!

Go to for a fabulous giveway! Tanya always finds the neatest collection of goodies with which to tease us. You will love it and want all of it. While you're there you might as well check out some of her yummy recipes on previous blogs.

Friday, November 14, 2008

In the Mood

This is the first weekend in a long, long time that we don't have to be somewhere or do something except go to church on Sunday. I cannot even remember the last weekend like that. I am simply giddy with the possibilities. Which brings me to the subject of my post.

I have been in the mood the last few days for organizing. You know, making lists and stacking things and throwing stuff out and finding space-all of that good stuff. Now, just ask my family, I don't get in this mood very often so I have to jump right in and do those things before the urge leaves me. Last Saturday I organized my massive collection of cookbooks and my pantry. Tonight I worked on getting my loose recipes into a binder and plan to categorize them tomorrow into sections. I started a project in the the garage a few weeks ago and plan to finish that tomorrow. I am sorting through boxes of things I have saved for years and years and years. I am not kidding. Some of that stuff has been packed away since before we had children and our oldest is almost 28! Obviously, if I haven't needed it in almost 28 years, I probably don't need it.

I know, I know. I posted about this last month, the decision about what to throw out and what to keep. So, I won't bore you with too many details again. But I did start thinking about another aspect of going through boxes and files and such. What item do you have from a family member that means a lot to you? It could be something passed down through generations, such as a cradle. Or, maybe a piece of jewelry from a loved one. Tell us a story about something you possess that was "passed on" to you.

Here is my story. My treasure is a Bible that my Dad passed down to me. It is the Bible that he was using when I was born. I believe he gave each of us five girls the Bible he was carrying at the time we were born. Daddy was a preacher and receiving one of his Bibles was a big deal. I got it out tonight and was looking at it and wanted to share the images with you:
The Bible

The inside where he started the three page note to me

The sign-off

This is so precious to me. But I find myself wondering if my children will treasure it like I do. I ask this because I remember going through Mom and Dad's things and finding stuff that they had treasured and saved and the big question was "Who wants this?". Sometimes the answer was no one. Do you think about that? Do you wonder if things that you hold on to so tightly will mean anything to future generations of your family? Perhaps that is why it is so important to pass on to our children the things that really matter. Things like teaching them, by our lives and our words, to trust God and to love Him and live for Him. I want THOSE to be the things my children treasure when I am gone.

But, I still hope they treasure this Bible, too. For the sake of their PaPaw's memory and legacy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

Whitney has declared a winner-Contest over! Go on over to Whitney's site and enter her contest to win some fabulously funky dishes. Shame on you if you aren't reading her blog every day anyway.

I am looking forward to this week. We have a bank holiday tomorrow so that means a day all to myself just for me. I cannot wait. I have debated whether or not to run around or shop or just stay at home. Right now staying at home is the most attractive option. I never get a whole day to myself in my house. I love home, don't you? I don't understand people who can't bask in the simple pleasure that is home.

We are also having a community revival all week. It started yesterday and goes through Wednesday. It was great yesterday and last night getting together with other churches and community residents for one purpose-to worship God.

This week means that we are now just a little over two weeks away from my favorite holiday of the year! I get to see all of my sisters and their families and some cousins. I cannot wait to hug my sisters. It has been too long since we were together-May- and that was for the untimely death of our baby sister. It will be good to spend time together at a happy occasion.

Plus, we are taking a little short trip over to Branson with our 11 yr daughter and our 10 yr old grandson the weekend before Thanksgiving. That should be fun. We love that little trip. This time we are staying at the new Hilton for a couple of nights.

And, then we can start the countdown to NG6-our annual sister getaway! Woohoo!

I hope your week is full of fun to look forward to things also.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Which One Are You?

Since joining the blogger world I have been fascinated that some people find something to write about every day, hint, hint That impresses me so much. And, it got me thinking and wondering how people go about updating and writing and posting. I have questions.

1. Do you sit down on a regular basis and write posts archiving them somewhere so you can, with just a few clicks, have a new post every day? OR

2. Do you wait until something fun, sad, incredible, noteworthy, or everyday wonderful happens and sit right down to share it with us OR

3. Are you organized and creative like Tanya and have designated days with lots of fun pictures and tips and contests? OR

4. Do you sit and gaze longingly at your computer screen, fingers poised over the keys, just hoping for a burst of inspiration and, then, when it doesn't come, you settle for those mundane observations and thoughts that, at least, entertain your sisters OR

5. Do you have a job that allows you lots of free time to look busy while you update and comment and surf? (wouldn't want to get anyone fired) OR

6. Do you have adorable kids that need to be shared with those who live far away so you post pictures regularly?

Which one are you? What is your method? I would really love to hear your stories. Inspire us.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tanya's Contest

Go on over to and enter her contest for a cute apron giveaway. Even if she wasn't giving anything away you would need to visit her site. It's cute and fun and so is she!