Monday, July 23, 2012


My friend Whitney started a week-long series of embarrassing moments today.  She suggested we link ours to hers.  So.....

When I was a senior in high school I got a class credit for helping in the office of the assistant principal.  One day he and I were working on a large chart displaying the brackets for an upcoming swim meet at the school.    We were working across from each other at a large work table.  I was wearing a cool dress that my sister Rhonda had made for me.  It was adorable!  It was denim and sported little round red buttons all the way down, from neck to hem.  I was drawing lines on the chart with a large t-square.  As I picked up the t-square to move it to another spot it caught on my dress.  I didn't realize that and continued to move it across to the other side of the chart.  In doing dress came completely unbuttoned, neck to hem.  And, there I stood, in my open dress with my bra and panties showing.  Not to mention I was standing right across the table from the assistant principal!  He and I looked at each other, I grabbed my dress and he turned and went into his office and I didn't see him again for a week!!  We never spoke of this again.