Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too short

It always is too short and you would think I would just get used to it. But, I don't. I need MORE time with my sisters. I cannot begin to tell you what it does for me to get with them and talk and laugh and pray and cry together. I realize more and more every day how precious our relationships are with one another. So many people don't have this privilege.

Rhonda and I arrived in Eureka Springs just a little ahead of Debe and Nora. This was after we spent an hour in Siloam Springs at the Dayspring Outlet Store. What a great place to shop! It was so fun to be on our own schedule and do whatever we wanted to do. Debe and Nora weren't expected in Eureka Springs until 1:30 so we weren't holding the show up in any way.

We decided to wait for them in the parking lot of the Lovin'Oven Bakeria, a little cafe with pizza and soups and sandwiches. We thought "when they call and ask where we are, we will just tell them to meat us here and we can eat a late lunch". We sat there awhile and Rhonda said, "I know how to make them get here faster-I will get out and start going through my suitcase looking for something and they will arrive." We laughed and got out, opened the back of my Expedition and I turned around and guess who was pulling in to the parking lot? Yes, Nora and Debe! Debe decided to turn into a parking lot to call us and let us know they were in ES and picked the one we were in! What a fun way to start the weekend.

After lunch we went to check in at our place:

It was beautiful and just right for us. We loved every minute we were there. We sat in the hot tub one night after dark just enjoying a chance to relax. We ate at Ermilios the first night. It was a little Italian place in a beautiful old home:

During the day we rode the trolleys. Our little cottage was only about a block from the transit station so we walked over there and caught the red, blue, purple or yellow trolley. What a great way to travel the streets of ES. Try it.

One day we ate lunch at the Balcony Bar and Restaurant in the Basin Park Hotel in the historic district. What a view.

We always bring gifts for each other to NG. Rhonda brought us a wonderful book to feed us spiritually. I am starting it tonight. Debe brought gorgeous crosses that she made by hand out of wire and barbed wire and beads-hmmmm, I should have taken a picture, I guess. (My camera is broken right now or I would) Each of us has one bead on our cross that came from one of my mother's necklaces. I made prayer journals for each of them. Nora brought us some great and fun t-shirts: What happens with the Sisters, stays with the Sisters!

I can't express to you how much fun we have together and how precious this time is to all of us. We have our little traditions: giving our gifts to one another as soon as we are checked into our lodging; constantly planning where we are going to eat next; waiting for Debe and Rhonda to decide what entree they are going to share at EVERY meal; deciding what our special project will be this year, such as buying something special for someone in need or helping someone with medicine costs, and putting our money together to do that; spending part of Friday night sharing what random act of kindness we did for someone in Mom's memory during the month of March/April (we started this three years ago as a way to remember Mom instead of dwelling on the sadness on the anniversary of her death each year); our Saturday evening "church" service-each year one of us in charge of bringing a devotion or challenge or talk that will set the theme and tone for us for the next year. In past years it has included encouraging others, mentoring someone younger and this year we are focusing on prayer. It is wonderful to share about spiritual things with one another. We may have even started a new tradition: seeing how many old men try to start a conversation with Nora. She is a senior citizen magnet, evidently!
We always start making plans for the next year and divide up the duties-someone to find the place, someone to check out the eateries (we are not allowed to eat at chain restaurants), someone in charge of reminders and mailings to hype it up (as if!) and someone to be in charge of the spiritual challenge, or as we like to say, the one who is going to preach!
Now it's time to countdown to Thanksgiving when we see each other again. It will be with all of our families then so it is different but it is still great. This year we are doing something totally different and meeting at Fin and Feather by Lake Tenkiller. I can't wait!

Monday, April 13, 2009


It is Monday. I cannot wait for Thursday. That is the day I jump in the car with my sister Rhonda (who will arrive at my house Wednesday afternoon) and we head to NG6. It will be time for the 6th annual getaway for Nettie's Girls. I don't know how I will keep myself on track until then. There is housework to do, lots of things to do at my job, lists to make for the trip, so many things to be done. By Thursday morning I will be absolutely giddy and good for nothing. God has been so good to bless me with women who are my best friends for my sisters. Whatever your situation in life with your family, please take the time to enjoy your siblings and parents. Life is too short to let bitterness or anything else keep you apart.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keepin' it real

I've been tagged by Keely

Here are the rules: Take a picture of yourself right now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.

So, I read that I was tagged while I was at work. Of course, no camera so I had to wait until I got home. And, that didn't happen until after I went to Pryor to the Hallmark store, Hibbets Sports and Walmart. All of this was while we were under a severe thunderstorm warning and it was lightening and thundering and raining like crazy. I was in Walmart while the worst was happening. When I got home around 6:45 and started making dinner I remembered that I had been tagged. So, I told Katie to get the camera and snap a picture. Here are the results:

Let the record show that I am the oldest person tagged so far and youth has its' own advantages! Oh, and the kitchen looks scary because I was still unloading Walmart sacks. And yes, I DO feel as worn out as I look in this picture.

Okay, I am going to tag Lori, Melinda and Becky C. Get to it girls!