Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Tomorrow I start spending time with my favorite people in the whole world-my family. When I get home and go back to work and church people will ask "So, what did you do on your vacation?" I will tell them. And, then I will get that same look I get after my sister retreats every year. That blank look that says, "And you think that was fun?" The reason? Because my answer will go something like this:

"Well, we ate and talked and looked at magazines and watched the babies play and ate and laid on the bed and talked and then we cried and then we cracked up and ate and stayed up late and got up early and ate. No, we didn't go skiing or hunting or on a cruise or do any Black Friday shopping. But, we had the BEST TIME!"

That's all. Just me and my fabulous family enjoying each other. I am thankful!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Rant

Seriously? Santa arrived today at Bass Pro Shop? It's only November 8th! Shouldn't he be at the North Pole supervising the elves? I want a chance to enjoy the month of November. I want to give Thanksgiving it's due. Could we please spend a few weeks reflecting on gratitude and blessings instead of skipping right to the gimme, gimme, gimme?

(She steps down from the soapbox)