Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Rant

Seriously? Santa arrived today at Bass Pro Shop? It's only November 8th! Shouldn't he be at the North Pole supervising the elves? I want a chance to enjoy the month of November. I want to give Thanksgiving it's due. Could we please spend a few weeks reflecting on gratitude and blessings instead of skipping right to the gimme, gimme, gimme?

(She steps down from the soapbox)


erinkern said...

I agree....except I do get lulled into the early Christmas spirit by the tunes played on the speakers at different stores. LOVE Christmas music!

Lori Darlin' said...

Oh Verla!! You're so funny :-) I am all about early Christmas though - I get SO excited, I want to decorate now and play music and sing and dance...hehe - All while giving thanks!!!