Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't be jealous!

There are only 16 more days until NG6-my annual retreat with my sisters aka best friends in the world! I am more excited this year than ever before. I don't really know why. Well, maybe because it is the best part of my year every year. I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life.

Let me introduce you to these girls:

There is Nora Mae, who is now the matriarch of our family. She's the one on the left in the picture and the one who made the other two laugh . There is no one I admire as much as her. She is a true picture of grace and perseverance and strength. She has definitely been tried and come forth as gold. When I visit her at her home by the lake in Texas I feel at peace. In fact, Dennis and I tell her all the time that she is our favorite vacation destination. We already have our rooms booked for early August with her. She is home to me. And, more so since Mother and Daddy are gone.
Next is Rhonda Jo, the one in the middle above. She was my little mommie for the first years of my life; well, actually, I tend to think of her that way even now. She was only five or six when I was born yet she took on a role of caregiver to that fat little baby. Stories have been told about her climbing up the side of my crib and getting me out and carrying me to the bed to change my diaper. And, we're not talking disposable diapers. I have always felt safe and cared for with Rhonda. She has a gift for nurturing and I have been blessed to be the beneficiary all my life.
Deborah Jean. Such a fancy name; we just call her Debe. Yes, she's the one with the big mouth laugh above. I think only Mom and Nanny called her Deborah Jean and that usually wasn't a good thing! If anyone got Daddy's gift of speaking and communication it is her. She can deliver a speech or devotion and bring you to tears or laughter alternately in mere seconds. I don't know anyone who can accomplish so much for so many so often. She is a true servant and her heart is sometimes to large for her five foot one frame to handle. If you need it done; need it done now; and need enough for 150-Debe's your gal. Sometimes our sweet Mother would say, "Just listening to everything Debe has to do this week made ME tired!" True. But, if you need her, she's never too busy.
So, now you understand why I said not to be jealous. I would be jealous of me. There is nothing like our times together at NG (Nettie's Girls). It is indescribably, undeniably the best four days of my year every year. I hope God allows us many more together. He has already been so gracious to make us sisters and best friends.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents"

Some of you will not even need to see the first picture below to know what book opens with that line. It is one of my all time favorite childhood reads. I have read it more than once but it has been several years since the last time I read it.

I decided to write about books that mattered to me when I was growing up. I could never remember or write about them all but I wanted to mention a few. Typically every young girl has read this one:

I loved the next one - Strawberry Girl.

Blue Willow was one of the first books that made me really feel emotions for the people in the story. I wanted Janey to find a place to call home. I was only in about the third grade when I read it.

The next one was not the kind of book I usually read as a child but I was fascinated by it.

Who doesn't love Nancy Drew? My sisters and I surely read them all. I loved her.

I cannot remember a funnier book in my childhood than No Children, No Pets. A few years ago I searched for this book on the internet and found it. I was so excited when I got it in the mail. I read it again immediately. It was still as good as I remembered. Sadly, it was damaged severely in our flood last year.

Tell the truth, you read the Donna Parker books, didn't you? They were and hip and modern. Yeah, right. But, I thought they were in my little world.

Ah, The Bobbsey Twins. Granted, to read them now they seem very outdated but I read them all as a child. I think I liked books about big families since we were a big family.

As a child I loved two things dearly-my baby dolls and my books. I was practically a grown woman before I could put away my dolls. Fortunately I get to take books with me all the way to old age. Tell me about your favorite books as a child.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Shower

I hosted a baby shower for my friend Emily today. It was a Mother Goose theme with a few Little Golden books thrown in just because I love them.

The cake-made by Penny Walsh, master of baking:

The table with all the fun books:

A chair for the guest of honor:

A little notebook to write down gifts and givers. Easy project: a $1 notebook, scrapbook paper cut to fit the front, stickers and little ribbons tied to spirals. Katie tied some ribbons on a pen just for fun, too.

We had such fun visiting, eating cake, drinking punch and showering Emily and little Harper (?) with love and gifts.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Don't hate me because I'm weak

So, I thought I would give it a try and give up Facebook and Blogger for awhile. Well, the duration of Lent. I caved. I gave in. I just couldn't do it. I felt so out of touch with all those people that I spend 20 seconds with each day!