Saturday, March 26, 2011


87. Shopping with Katie and Keely.

88. Lazy Saturday afternoons.

89. New mercies every morning.

90. Anticipation of my yearly sister get together. Only 18 more days.

91. Hope for relief for Dennis' back pain after Friday mornings' procedure.

92. Words with Friends..........I love it. It's like Scrabble 24/7!

93. Sunshine; just wish we had some.

94. Prayer time at night with Katie.

95, Inside jokes.

96. Seeing all the kids and babies when checking them in for Sunday School.

97. Lounge pants.

98. James Taylor music.

99. Late nights up by myself.

100. That I made it to 100. Only 900 more to go!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ideas from bloggie friends

I love when one of my bloggie friends posts a "How To" idea. One of my favorite "How To-ers" is Sunday Baker. I am drawn to so many of her ideas because they are simple, inexpensive and thoughtful.

Check out Button Art today.

She has lots of yummy recipes and fun crafts. Spend some time perusing her site. And, definitely take the time to read her tab entitled My Story

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's in Your Bag?

My dear friend Whitney challenged readers to reveal the contents of their bags or purses. So, I am playing along:

My Bag

Contents of my bag "dumped"

Contents organized and accounted for

2 calendar date books
1 check book
1 letter from MCMC saying it's time for my mammogram
1 pack of tissues
3 little post-it pads
7 pens
1 highlighter
2 blank sheets of paper
1 letter requesting donations for a mission trip
1 lipstick
1 Back and Body pain reliever
1 Vera Bradley clutch
1 roll of Sweetarts
1 mint from Los Ranchos
1 pack of gum
1 credit card billfold
1 tube of handcream
1 inhaler
1 pack of mints
1 tea bag my favorite Tazo Zen
1 reminder to pick up Sweetarts, needles and insulin
1 password notebook(my online life is in this book)
1 Wal Mart receipt

Thanks for helping me organize my purse, Whitney. It was fun.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too hard to imagine

I have been drawn to the barrage of coverage of the crisis in Japan for the last few days. The images and videos stir my heart and cause me, at times, to exclaim out loud. I cannot believe the devastation each time I turn on the television or log on to the internet. Life is forever changed for thousands and thousands of people in that country. What they held in their hands on Thursday is gone, washed away in a holocaust of waves. So many now find themselves in a place where they have absolutely nothing left that resembles their life a few days ago.

It has brought me to the place where I am looking around at my house and my things, what I call MY LIFE, and asking "Is this really what my life is about? Do the things we possess and the routines of our lives define us? If we lost them, would we lose ourselves?"

Reflecting on the past three years I can point to the two times our home flooded as what I termed "disasters". We lost things we owned and we had to spend lots of money rebuilding our house. I felt so lost when we were displaced both times. Granted, wonderful friends took us in and gave us a place to call home. I cannot imagine how we would have survived without their selfless compassion. But, not having my own place and my own routine was very difficult for me. Those were definitely times that my faith was tested and I felt battle weary.

Tonight, though, I can see something so clearly. As much as the two floods impacted us emotionally and financially they were nothing compared to what the dear people of Japan are facing. I knew where all of my family members were. I knew there was a place of shelter for me and my family. I knew we would have food and water, all the things we needed. But, right now, there are thousands there who don't know. Nothing seems certain to them. And, surely, hope must be weakening, if not altogether gone.

I am thankful that in my time of need I had hope. "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I am reminded I am fortunate to know God and to have this hope. I am reminded to put my trust in the name of the Lord our God because everything else will fail us.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

75. Refreshing received from the E Women's Conference

76. Worshipping with friends

77. Resting when needed

78. A comfortable home

79. Hope

80. God's provision

81. Long lasting friendships

82. Celebrex....take that arthritis!

83. Clean laundry

84. Naps

85. Crushed ice

86. Happy own; life is much better when I know my kids are content

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Blair

Today is my daughter Blair's 25th birthday!

Her story is hers to share but I will just say this: She has proven that determination and courage can overcome anything. She decided to change the direction of her life and did it without looking back. She inspires me. I love her. I am so very proud of her.