Saturday, March 26, 2011


87. Shopping with Katie and Keely.

88. Lazy Saturday afternoons.

89. New mercies every morning.

90. Anticipation of my yearly sister get together. Only 18 more days.

91. Hope for relief for Dennis' back pain after Friday mornings' procedure.

92. Words with Friends..........I love it. It's like Scrabble 24/7!

93. Sunshine; just wish we had some.

94. Prayer time at night with Katie.

95, Inside jokes.

96. Seeing all the kids and babies when checking them in for Sunday School.

97. Lounge pants.

98. James Taylor music.

99. Late nights up by myself.

100. That I made it to 100. Only 900 more to go!


Erin said...

Oh man, I've had to step away from WWF a little bit---obsession, I tell you! ;) If I can't think of an awesome word within a minute, I put it down. That's my new rule. ;)

keely steger said...

Thanks for the compliment, Verla. Have you "embraced the camera" yet? :)