Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's your preference?

Years ago if you had told me I would be a morning person someday I would have laughed in derision. I hated mornings when I was a child and teen. My family knew not to talk to me in the morning until I was ready for interaction. I did not want to answer questions or hear instruction or directions.

Now I absolutely love mornings. I try to get up between 5:00 and 5:30 every day. Sometimes on the weekend I will sleep in until 6:00. What gets me out of bed that early? That is when I spend time in my "reading corner" with my Bible and prayer list. I love to get my cup of coffee, sit down in my chair, turn the lamp on and slide the basket out from under the end table.

This basket hold my study Bible, marking pens and pencils, prayer journal where my list is kept and note cards. I work on my inductive study and then spend time in prayer. Some days I write cards to people who cross my mind. It is the best part of my day.

There is something about starting the day off with the Lord that gives me strength and hope for the day. I have already given the first part of my day to the Lord so I know He is already listening for me.

Years ago I would leave my quiet time or devotional time, whatever you call it, until the late part of the night. That worked okay for my younger years. I could get by on three or four hours of sleep a night so I was still going strong late at night. I thought I had it all handled and was "putting in my time" with the Lord.

The difference between my old practice and the new is major. My slate is clean in the early morning hours. Nothing has cluttered my mind and thoughts yet. I start the day open to whatever the Lord has to say to me. He doesn't have to yell through the noise and clamor of my life when I go to Him in the morning. It works for me.

How about you? When is the best time for you to spend with the Lord? Do you go to the same place every day at the same time? I want to hear about your habits and practices.