Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Thousand Gifts 101-115

101. Friends like Justin and Loretta who hosted tonight's fellowship-great food, awesome music and good conversation.

102 The beautiful fall weather.

103. My grandsons.....they are smart and funny and handsome.

104. My silly family and lazy Sunday afternoons.

105. Reminders of how much my friends mean to me-a card, a hug, a text.

106. Holidays from work and routine.

107. That there are only 79 days until Fin and Feather with my family!

108. Seeing prayers answered already in our Moms in Touch group.

109. The power of technology to spread prayer concerns around the world in minutes.

110. Good start to a new school year for Katie.

111. God's hand of protection.

112. The new baby in our family-Eliot Mark Thomas.

113. Tazo favorite: Zen

114. All the people who invest in my children's lives.

115. People who care and act and want no credit for their actions.