Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents"

Some of you will not even need to see the first picture below to know what book opens with that line. It is one of my all time favorite childhood reads. I have read it more than once but it has been several years since the last time I read it.

I decided to write about books that mattered to me when I was growing up. I could never remember or write about them all but I wanted to mention a few. Typically every young girl has read this one:

I loved the next one - Strawberry Girl.

Blue Willow was one of the first books that made me really feel emotions for the people in the story. I wanted Janey to find a place to call home. I was only in about the third grade when I read it.

The next one was not the kind of book I usually read as a child but I was fascinated by it.

Who doesn't love Nancy Drew? My sisters and I surely read them all. I loved her.

I cannot remember a funnier book in my childhood than No Children, No Pets. A few years ago I searched for this book on the internet and found it. I was so excited when I got it in the mail. I read it again immediately. It was still as good as I remembered. Sadly, it was damaged severely in our flood last year.

Tell the truth, you read the Donna Parker books, didn't you? They were so...cool and hip and modern. Yeah, right. But, I thought they were in my little world.

Ah, The Bobbsey Twins. Granted, to read them now they seem very outdated but I read them all as a child. I think I liked books about big families since we were a big family.

As a child I loved two things dearly-my baby dolls and my books. I was practically a grown woman before I could put away my dolls. Fortunately I get to take books with me all the way to old age. Tell me about your favorite books as a child.


LoriDarlin' said...

I've never read any of those, except Nancy Drew - Love me a mystery!!
I've seen the movie Little Women - Does that count?

Melinda said...

When I was really small I collected the Berenstain Bears books. I also liked The Secret Garden and as I got older I had a collection of The Babysitters Club books. I was a big reader as well.

keely steger said...

Let's see...
The Boxcar Children (but I only read the first one- over and over and over again!)
The "Alex" Series (from Mardel- the titles were so great! French Fry Forgiveness, Cherry Cola Champions, Mint Cookie Miracles)
Baby Sitter's Little Sister (my sister read Baby Sitter's Club, I was only allowed (by her) to read the little sister series)
The Ramona books, of course!

Cari said...


Charlotte's Web was my first real favorite. I still have my copy and the girls can read it when they want to. I, too, loved the Baby Sitter's Club. I. Was. Obsessed. Loved those! I wish they had Junie B. Jones back then. The girls love her. That girl's a riot!!!1

Melinda said...

Yes, I am hoping she will be able to join me for some of the work. She does pretty well in the car most of the time. After the censuses get mailed out and turned back in sometimes you do have to make calls and visits on the ones that were incomplete but that won't be until next year probably. And while I wouldn't be thrilled about doing that, I have worked for DHS and asking people to fill out a few census questions couldn't be nearly as bad/dangerous as threatening to take their children :)

Megan said...

My four year old and I are getting into some great books right now! We have read through the entire Winnie-the-Pooh treasury 2 times already, and just started the Peter Rabbit collection! Oh I LOVE it. We laugh out loud together and sit and read for longer and longer periods of time. It's special :) Thanks for sharing your favorites! I didn't like books very much as a kid but I love them now.