Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

Whitney has declared a winner-Contest over! Go on over to Whitney's site and enter her contest to win some fabulously funky dishes. Shame on you if you aren't reading her blog every day anyway.

I am looking forward to this week. We have a bank holiday tomorrow so that means a day all to myself just for me. I cannot wait. I have debated whether or not to run around or shop or just stay at home. Right now staying at home is the most attractive option. I never get a whole day to myself in my house. I love home, don't you? I don't understand people who can't bask in the simple pleasure that is home.

We are also having a community revival all week. It started yesterday and goes through Wednesday. It was great yesterday and last night getting together with other churches and community residents for one purpose-to worship God.

This week means that we are now just a little over two weeks away from my favorite holiday of the year! I get to see all of my sisters and their families and some cousins. I cannot wait to hug my sisters. It has been too long since we were together-May- and that was for the untimely death of our baby sister. It will be good to spend time together at a happy occasion.

Plus, we are taking a little short trip over to Branson with our 11 yr daughter and our 10 yr old grandson the weekend before Thanksgiving. That should be fun. We love that little trip. This time we are staying at the new Hilton for a couple of nights.

And, then we can start the countdown to NG6-our annual sister getaway! Woohoo!

I hope your week is full of fun to look forward to things also.


Cari said...

Mom and dad said the revival has been good. I think it's such a wonderful thing for communities to stand together for Chirst. Love it! That's also why I love my Community Bible Study. We don't mention our church, we just come and learn more about Him together. So great. Enjoy your day off tomorrow - no matter what you decide to do!

LoriDarlin' said...

I always choose home unless I have someone to go shopping with me...& have fun in Branson! Ladies at my work just went & said the traffic & such is horrible, but who cares! It's Branson in the fall!!

Mae said...

Hi Verla! Please tell all your sisters hello from me and Bruce. It would be fun to chat together.
have a wonderful time of thanks!!!

Melinda said...

I was seriously laughing out loud at your comment! I didn't know that could mean that also! Happy holiday tomorrow! When I worked for the state I loved all of the little holidays that we got off, I thought they were usually on Mondays though???

Pleasant Drive said...

What a busy couple of weeks you have! Man, I'm jealous of your Branson trip, especially the Hilton!

dawn said...

i am looking but all i've found so far is part time at an afterschool care program which isn't what i want. i really wanted a break from kids for a little while, but that's what i'm qualified for. we'll see.
looks like you have lots of cool events coming up soon. yay for family!