Friday, December 12, 2008

Great giveaway at Tanya's site

You have to go to and check out her new giveaway. I want to win this one so badly that I can't wait for her to announce the winner. I get two more chances at winning by posting a picture that I want to have transformed into a beautiful work of art.

My picture is one of my family that was taken when I was about four years old. I am the blonde in the front. I love this picture of my sweet, wonderful family. It is especially dear to me now that my mother, father and youngest sister are in heaven. I would LOVE to have this on canvas to hang on my wall. Even better, I would love to have four of them so I could give one to each of my remaining sisters.


Melinda said...

How funny that your hubby commented!!!
p.s. If I win I'll give it to you!

Beck said...

Howard & Nelda have that exact picture of your family in an 8x10 if you need an extra. :)

splendid said...

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