Saturday, December 27, 2008

15 Random Facts About Myself (in no particular order)

I just visited and accepted her invitation to copy her post.

1. I love to visit Ruby's Readery (a local used and new bookstore) and buy books by authors I have not previously read.

2. I have increasingly alarming short term memory loss.

3. I can't stand it when people walk into work in a bad mood. Leave it at home, people!

4. I still worry about my grown children when the weather is bad. I will call my son (almost 28 yrs. old) to make sure he made it to work okay.

5. My favorite event of the year is NG weekend. That's the weekend I get together with my three sisters for about three and a half days. This year will be NG6.

6. I need to get back on track with Weight Watchers.

7. I didn't send Christmas cards this year.

8. I want a large print Bible but I don't want it to weigh ten pounds.

9. I never thought I would enjoy receiving email as much as receiving regular mail, but I do.

10. I like SPAM and I have several recipes that include it.

11. My job is very challenging but I love it.

12. I find myself referring to people I know only through blogging by their names as if we know each other. (I hope that doesn't scare any of you.)

13. I would still like to be a stay at home mom one day.

14. My favorite place to be is at home.

15. I go to an amazing church-First Free Will Baptist Church of LG.

Okay, just like Melinda, I won't tag anyone. Do it if you want to be random like us!


Melinda said...

Actually I was being a little catty because of all of the work that minister's wives do in the church and I am also the church clerk which is a non-paid position.

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