Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a New Attitude

In my last post I said that it was time for something new. I am taking small steps towards that end. After removing all the Christmas decorations were packed away the house seemed bare and drab. The most glaring void, at least for me, was the dining room table. It had been all red and white and glittery and now it was just .....brown.

Katie and I went shopping on New Year's Day. Don't worry, I still got my bowl of black-eyed peas:

Creole Black Eyed Peas, in fact. My favorite way to fix them. But, I digress.

While shopping at Target I realized, quite to my surprise and pleasure, that the dishes I had admired (read coveted and salivated over) were FINALLY on clearance! Katie and I commenced to mix and match and remix and mix again and came up with this:

Who can resist a soft, soothing canvas of blue and brown with some crisp white thrown in?

The plates are from Target, but I didn't like the bowls at Target so I bought the three different plates and thought I was going to be on a long mission to find the right bowls. Within the hour, while shopping at Belk, I came across these fabulous bowls that were 75% off! The plates are melamine. Don't judge me. I like them. But the bowls, ah! the bowls are not! They are Oneida bowls and I only paid $1.12 each for them! And, they were perfect.

I was still looking for something for the center of the table. I promised Katie that we would just make a quick run through Kirklands because, after all, they don't have any purses or cute t-shirts, duh! While there I came across the most adorable ceramic bird and candle holders. I snatched them up-CLEARANCE again.

I must admit that I do not like the placemats but haven't found what I do want. I didn't want to keep these packed away until I found the perfect ones so here you have it:

Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I walk in there and turn the light on just to look at it.
Yes, a new attitude.


erinkern said...

Ooooh, love the dishes! I'm a fan of the blues/brown/white combo (my entire home), so I love it! Thanks for sharing your 'hero' story on my blog, too. Made get a little teary thinking of that time, even though I wasn't in the LG picture just yet. Love all you people.

S.S. said...

Oh my gosh, so cute! I LOVE the dishes, and especially the bird!!

Megan said...

Very pretty! I love square plates, and I am a fan of the bird too! It's amazing what a simple change can do!!

Pleasant Drive said...
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Pleasant Drive said...

A beautiful place setting for a beautiful person! I can't tell you what your support, prayers, and encouragement mean to me. You are a joy and a delight, and I wish that we could meet in person. And, thank you for being so thoughtful by sending me a card. Love to you!