Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy but Good

EDIT: I neglected to mention my wonderful husband who helped with the closets also. We couldn't have done it without him. I mean this. He did not make me say this.

My weekend was incredibly busy but had some great results. I left work on Friday at three o'clock and for the next two and half hours moved at the speed of light. I left Locust Grove and travelled to Catoosa to pick out backsplash tile and accents for my kitchen, went to Claremore to Lowes to purchase all of my Closetmaid units to re-do the master closet, continued on to Pryor Wal-Mart to buy groceries, big breath because I know this is a run-on sentence, then to Hibbetts for a gift certificate for a birthday party, Emerald City to pick up dinner for Blair and myself, home to unload the car and eat dinner, and, finally, to the church to make slushie punch and cook chicken for my food for a party on Saturday night! And how was Saturday? I know you are dying to know! Up and off to work at 8:00, then to Tahlequah to purchase bedside tables and some adorable cannisters at Means Furniture, Chilis for lunch served by a horrible waitress, and then back to LG t0 fix my food for the birthday party and set things up, fun party, clean up, and home again. Around 9:30 I took off for Tahlequah again only this time to take Blair to the ER at TCH. We were there until 4:30 this morning. They poked, prodded, ultrasounded, cat scanned, and more we shall not divulge and sent us home shaking their heads. I really think it is going to turn out to be her gallbladder. Hopefully we can get her in to see the doctor tomorrow. I slept for a couple of hours and then got up and we went to Sunday School. Met Aaron, Jami and the boys at Mazzios for lunch and then Aaron helped me install aforementioned closet components. I actually took a short nap this afternoon. I ended the day with a great time at Women's Fellowship. It was one of the best ones we have had in a long time. I am sorry that any of you missed it.

See, I told you it was busy. However, every thing is bringing us one step closer to getting the house back together. Our countertops will be installed Tuesday and the backsplash on Wednesday. I cannot wait. I will cook to my heart's content.

Time for the work week now. Have a great Monday.


Pleasant Drive said...

Yikes! I'm exhausted just reading about that weekend :)

LAKERFAN55 said...

I thought your husband helped with the closet.

erinkern said...

Sounds like a long but productive weekend!

Amber said...

whew...what a day!

Hewett Happenings said...

WOW Verla!! What a weekend.