Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Does YOUR love have limits?

I was reading through my email this morning. I receive a daily devotional thought from Today's Christian Woman and it always has links to some articles at the end. One title and the sub-title just jumped out at me today. It was Extending My FamilyLoving others regardless of their choices, circumstances, or biology. I linked to the article and read it. It was good and thought provoking. But, it was the sub-title that hit me the hardest.

Do I love others regardless of their choices? Do I hold those choices against them and withhold my friendship and concern and love? Do I write them off if they don't do the right thing or make the decision that I have decided is the right one for them? I'm not talking about condoning wrong. I'm talking about choosing to continue to love and support people who have made bad choices.

Do I step back from people who have gotten themselves in a mess? Do I shy away from people whose place in life is different than mine? Those who are going through something that I am afraid of or don't know how to help them? Or, do I try to understand and offer what assistance I can to them?

When I am at a stop light do I lock the door if the guy standing on the corner is of a different race? Would I do that if he were just like me? Do I smile and chat with people in a line or a lobby if I can identify with them but ignore and turn away if they appear "foreign" to me? Am I trying to see them through God's eyes, recognizing that we are all one?

These thoughts all jumped out at me today from just reading the title of that article. I guess I needed a reminder.


lgmissionary said...

Wow! Very convicting post. Thanks for the reminder that I am to love others unconditionally, no matter what choices they make.

LoriDarlin' said...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't judgmental at times...Less now though vs. earlier...I think it's because I've lived more and done things "I'd never do" - makes it harder to look down my nose when I'm standing face to face.