Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Way to go Mom!

A new favorite show of mine (and my husband's) is The Bonnie Hunt Show. I find her to be so unpretentious and sweet and just normal. Not too mention very funny. We tape her show every day and watch it when we have time. On yesterday's show, which we watched this evening, she asked two of her guests about their childhood memories. I started thinking about my memories. For a long time it has been a topic of conversation in my family that I seem to have big gaps in my memory for our childhood years. I know that some experts would insist that it means I have repressed memories or something. I really do think, however, that my childhood was just normal and happy. Every memory I do have is one to cherish. One stands out in my mind. It was in the 5th grade. We were living in Jerome, Idaho. This was in the day when we had home room mothers and moms were always involved at school for special days and parties. I don't know if I volunteered her or if the teacher asked her, but my mom was to do one of our class parties. I can't remember what occasion we were celebrating. It didn't usually matter to us. Come on, it was a party. Who cared why? My mom brought the food and drinks AND provided party games. I can still see her walking up and down the aisles of Mrs. Boing's classroom holding a cookie sheet covered with all sorts of household items. She walked very slowly, turning from side to side so that everyone could see what was on the tray. We were craning our necks and trying to memorize every item on the tray. This was a memory game and everyone wanted to be the winner. After all had the opportunity to study the items she covered them up with a tea towel. That's what we called them back then, not dish towels. Then we had to write down all the items we remembered on the tray. It was quite challenging and we were a very competitive group of lads and lassies. I don't know why I said lads and lassies. I never say that. I can't remember who won the game or what the prize was. I just remember the next day when virtually the entire class declared that "your Mom's party was the best one ever"! I was so proud of her. And, I must say, quite shocked. My Mom, that stay-at-home, mother-of-five, pastor's wife, was evidently cool enough to win the hearts of all of my classmates. Quite an accomplishment in the mid-60s. Way to go, Mom!
My 5th grade school picture. This is one of my Mom's famous hairdos. I lovingly refer to it as the year I had the hairy earmuffs on picture day!

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Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

OH MY WORD THAT PICTURE IS AMAZING! Hahahaha! You look JUST like Katie!! Wow.

What a fun mom. She was pretty savvy back in her day, huh? I still know people who play that game at parties!