Sunday, October 6, 2013


This year I didn't blog about NG.  You probably didn't notice but I did. I mean, it's the highlight of my year for goodness sake!  It's not that it wasn't everything it always is.  It's just that it was different this year.  For the first time in ten years, one of the sisters didn't get to come. 

Many of you know that my sister Nora had a life-changing year and spent many months recuperating and recovering from multiple surgeries.  Life as she had always known it changed so drastically and has yet to return to full normalcy.  Due to all of this, she did not get to join us in Norman at Rhonda's beautiful home.  NG went on; we laughed; we shopped; we laughed; we cried....all the usual things.  It was just without our anchor...Nora.

In spite of that, we tried to continue our "traditions" and one of those is giving each other gifts.  My gift to them this year was an original poem by Shaun Perkins, our own Locust Grove poet extraordinaire.  I think it is my favorite thing I have ever given them.  Looking through my posts tonight I noticed that I never shared them with all of you.  So, I am now.

I got the whole idea from my first trip to Dust Bowl Debris...only my favorite place to shop in Locust Grove and most other places.  There was a time card rack hanging on a post with the cutest cards in the slots.  They were hand decorated and buying the card entitled you to one original poem by Shaun.  I snatched up three of them and filed them away to use for my NG sister gifts.  

Finally, one day this past spring, I got around to emailing Shaun and telling her I was ready for her to start writing.  She said I should send her a little information about each of them and she would take it from there.  I sent her a paragraph about each sister.  

I emailed these to her and in a couple of weeks I received the most wonderfully spot on pieces for each of them:

Now you can see why I thought they were the best thing I ever gave them for NG.


Shaun said...

Thank you for posting, Verla. I enjoyed writing the poems, and as one of 3 sisters myself, I know how important the chicks are! Shaun

Erin said...

Such a perfect gift. Beautiful.

The Literary Adventurer said...

What lovely gifts! Your sisters will treasure them forever, I'm sure. Your friendship, "sistership," is the best gift, of course. As much as I love my own sister, I can only imagine how wonderful it is to have a whole gaggle of them and to enjoy each other's company so much. Thank you for sharing these, V!