Thursday, April 12, 2012

5 More Days...............

In five more days I will be joining my sisters for NG9! To say that I am excited is the mother of all understatements. This is our annual sister trip.........number 9, as the name suggests. For those of you new to my world, NG stands for Nettie's Girls. Nettie was our dear mother whom we lost in 2005.

This year we are travelling to Branson for a five day, four night stay in a beautiful resort home. Everyone keeps asking me what all we have planned. I can only say for sure that there will be pajamas, food, coffee-lots of coffee, tears, laughter, gifts, prayer, walks (ugh, those health-minded sisters of mine) and a little shopping. If we never left the house to do anything we would still have a great time. I wish I could wrap up what my sisters and I have in one another and give it to everyone. They are my best friends, my link to my childhood, my anchor and my connection to our parents. We are truly blessed.

Last year we went to San Antonio and spent a lot of time seeing the sites and walking and shopping and walking and eating and, did I mention walking? It was so much fun.

I find myself chattering like crazy at work because I am getting so excited. Someone asked me today if I had a lot of coffee. They said they knew that coffee sometimes made me chatty! Hmmmm......maybe a couple of cups but really it is just the giddiness setting in.

I will have a full report when I return. There is no way to convey how much fun we have and to relay all the hilarious things that happen. They just don't translate very well to people who aren't part of our special connection.

I say this to people all the time.......if you have siblings, start a tradition like this. We wish we had started 30 years ago. Do it. You will be so glad you did.

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