Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

The new year prompts most of us to make promises and resolutions and pronouncements of better eating, more exercise, etc. I have been sucked into that machine more times than I care to number. Good intentions are just that....good. But, they do not always stick. Guilty.

So, this year, knowing that I desperately need to make major changes in order to enjoy more new years, I have decided to take a different approach. Sure, I would like to lose weight and move more and look better and feel healthy. So, I could announce that I am going to go on a diet and that I am going to train for a 5K. You would encourage me and I would try very hard. I might succeed and I might not. It's happened enough times over the years.

My new approach isn't going to be a revelation to anyone but me. Are you ready for it? I am going to convince myself that Food is Fuel. I have been thinking about it for several days and realize that I see food as so much more than that. All of my life food has been joy, happiness, good times, sadness, comfort, a stress reliever............you name it. If the emotion has a name, I have a food for it!

I am the person who knows her "fuel gage" is sitting closer to full than empty but pulls up to the pump anyway.

I don't do that with my car. I fill it up and run it out. I don't keep going back to the station just to top it off. I wait until I NEED to fuel up. Wow! What a concept. I told you it wasn't profound....well, maybe it is for me. It has taken me 55 years to believe that food is a tool not a crutch.

I am going to work on changing the way I look at food and what it does for me. Today I repeated my new mantra a few (dozen) times whenever I thought about grabbing a snack or a soda. "Food is fuel"- do I need fuel right now or just a walk around the office because I am bored and tired? I know it's just one day, but for today it WORKED for me.

So, I am going to try to only pull up to the

when I really do need FUEL. It's okay with me if you ask me about this.


LG missionary said...

Good thoughts, V. I need to do the same. Any time I want to celebrate ... or feel sad ... I feed myself with something sweet and not nutritious. That's the way I was raised. Celebrations or sad times were surrounded with food. I want to break free of this too!!!

Mitchell Family said...

This is so true, Verla. I started a "new" healthy living out look last week. I've decided I can waste food on my body, or I can waste it in the trash. Either way it's wasted. I hate to waste, so I don't fix more than our family needs and I'm trying to take ONLY what my body needs. I'll pray and support you!

Erin said...

I like this. It's hard to not associate sweets and goodies with emotions, so I just might have to copy you on this one!

LoriDarlin' said...

I have said it out loud, "food is fuel"...but I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw/read or whatever'd it. HAHA! I bet if we all ate the food groups and the amounts we're supposed to of those food groups, a lot of the fluff would disappear. I have a love/hate relationship with the fluff (sugar)...the more I cut out though, the less I can eat because it's just TOO sweet. And substitutes and "diet" products...I've cut those out too. Good mission Verla! I'll pray for ya!

Melissa said...

This is a great way to look at food! Of course, I say this as I sit here during Rory's naptime waiting for the doctor to call eating myself out of house and home. ;)

LauniStokes said...

This is a great way to look at food. I think I may steal this idea and try to start thinking of it the same way. Thanks for sharing V.