Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Power of Pictures

I can't sleep tonight. I don't know if it is the wheezing, the coughing, the congestion or the coffee I am drinking at 3:25 AM, but I am wide awake! This is not the norm for me. I am one of those people who can fall asleep sitting up, talking on the phone and, yes, even driving. (Don't ask)

I finally just gave up and got up. I finished reading The Lincoln Lawyer and started another book. I played Words with Friends with everyone I owed a move to, only to realize that no one was going to be playing at 2:30 in the morning. Decided that coffee sounded good and made a lovely cup of it. Then I turned on the laptop and decided to look at all the pictures I have saved on it.

I realized that a sleepless night + pictures can make one very melancholy and reflective. I am going to share a few.

This is my sister Debe and me. I love to think about how one of my very best friends has been with me all my life! And I have the pictures to prove it!

Much to Blair's dismay, this is one of my all time favorite pictures of her. Obviously, this was taken before her eye surgery to correct a slight problem she had with strabismus. Or, as random strangers would say to me: "Did you know your baby is cross-eyed?" No, really?

These are my handsome grandsons Ricky and Izaac. I don't get to see them nearly as much as I would like but I love them dearly. They make me smile so much.

Aaron and Daddy. I love that Daddy was amused by Aaron's stubborness and individuality. I wish they still had the opportunity to have that relationship.

I get so much joy from watching Katie and her friends grow closer together and have so much fun.

I will never tire of looking at this picture of my beautiful mom. I would love to have one more day with her.

I am one of the few people who loved being "stranded" indoors during the snowstorm. Pajamas and my family together all day! Does it get any better?

Dennis enjoying his snuggie from the kids!

I will end with this one. I am blessed beyond measure with a family that means everything to me.

I am not any sleepier but I have enjoyed counting my blessings.
Good night or good morning.


LoriDarlin' said...

Blogger didn't like my comment apparently, stupid thing!!!

Some of my biggest cry fests have been while looking at pictures. Especially pictures of my babies...I'll start off by smiling and "awww...look at that!" and then by the end sobbing, "where's my babies?!?! they're not babies anymore!"

(I woke up this morning from drainage at 6! That's early for me.)

Love the family shot, y'all look great!

Becca said...

Very Sweet! Pictures are powerful, I agree :)

Erin said...

Good post. My favorite picture is Dennis in the snuggie. Stylin'!! ;)

LauniStokes said...

I love picture posts! Thank you for sharing!