Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Did Not Disappoint

You would think that it would get old or boring or tiresome. Well, I have news for you: It doesn't!!!! Once again, NG was great and wonderful. I just cannot imagine having a better time than I have with my sisters.

A few snapshots that show you the many faces of NG8:

Decision making is always fun. I am not going to admit that we are directionally challenged but there was quite a bit of discussion regarding left and right!!! (For the record..........I was wrong. I know you are shocked.)

The Riverwalk in San Antonio is beautiful. The weather was perfect. I have never walked so much in my life. At the end of the first long day I declared that I managed to keep up and I did not die. That was my goal.

We did more "tourist" things this year than we normally do at NG. But, you can't go to San Antonio and not see the Alamo, Market Square, Riverwalk and King Williams District. We honestly did walk everywhere we went. The only ride we had was on the Riverboat Cruise:

We celebrate several traditions at NG. There is the giving of gifts. Nora generously took care of ALL of our lodging as her gift to us this year:

Rhonda gave us personalized luggage tags in great fabrics---so perfect for each of us.

Debe had coffee cups made with many snapshots of Nettie's Girls-old and young-for each of us.

I made frames with a photocopy of a page from our mother's Bible. It contains her favorite verse, which she had underlined and noted as her favorite verse.

Another tradition is to share what we did to honor Mother in the way of kindness or generosity (two qualities that she taught us by example). The stories are always moving and inspiring of ways we found to show Christ's love to individuals and families each year.

We also give a financial gift each year from the four of us. This year we will be donating for a benefit for our sweet friend Lindsey. And a new feature, in honor of our sister Vicki, will be to help our nieces and nephews with church camp each year.

Debe gave our Saturday night devotional this year. She challenged us to be women of character. It is always a joy to hear Debe speak. It is truly one of her gifts.

Plans are already made for NG9 which will be held in Branson. The countdown has started....................359 Days.


Aaron Fletcher said...

I love it. I am so glad that you girls are able to do this each year.

Waiting for Bulgaria said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Riverwalk. We live a hop, skip and a jump from San Antonio, but we still love to go to the Alamo and Market Square.

Becky said...

I love hearing about your times together--such a sweet inspiration you are!

keely steger said...

I love the traditions you have started and celebrate each year. What a lasting legacy your mother has. (You're giving me great ideas of how to continue to show my own mama's amazing generosity for years to come.) Praise God for sisters!

LauniStokes said...

I am so glad you post about your NG trips. I love reading about them. Such a precious time spent with siblings. Thanks for sharing about your adventures!!