Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boundaries: Where to draw the line

I am going to let someone else speak today. This is an excellent article that so many of us women need to read and take to heart:

Boundaries: Where to draw the line


c said...

That is a really good article. I have to thank my mother for teaching me good boundaries. She taught us the importantance of living up to our commitments but not to over commit. She also said to just say "no, I'm sorry I won't be able to do that". You don't have to be rude or give a long drawn out explanation. Thanks so much for sharing.

LoriDarlin' said...

Most of that was good --- just a small portion was corny to me...I guess because maybe I'm too forceful, who knows and if it looks like weakness, I tend to jump all over it. I like to think in most situations I have amazing tact...just depends on if I give a tiny two cents about the person or situation whether or not I'll use it...If someone was badgering me about something, I don't think I'd be using phrases like, "I think you're disrespecting me." Hehe...That's just me though :-)