Sunday, January 2, 2011

Still learning after all these years

20 Things I Learned in 2010

1. Finally, how to fry chicken, thanks to the Pioneer Woman.

2. That I really love babies now. I always loved my own, of course, and the babies of my friends. But, now, I love all babies and that surprises me and most who know me.

3. Our children grow up too fast. Blair moved out and Katie started wearing makeup and both things rocked me back just a little bit.

4. Our family court system really stinks.

5. Small acts of kindness make an immeasurable impact on the recipients.

6. Small acts of kindess make an immeasurable impact on the giver.

7. I still have the best sisters in all the land.

8. The more I pray, the easier it is to communicate with God in a real, meaningful way.

9. That my day is seriously affected by whether or not I spend time with God.

10. Compassion is never wasted and there are many, many who need it. It is something everyone can offer if they decide to do just that.

11. Reading is still my favorite past time.

12. Friends from my past still matter to me and make a difference in my life. I have Facebook to thank for that. I know that some people use it for gossip and ranting and put downs. I am happy that my friends, for the most part, use it for encouragement.

13. It's okay to say no.

14. It's okay to rest.

15. It's okay to retreat.

16. I need to reach out more, care more, do more, serve more.

17. Family is precious and should be treasured.

18. Forgiveness is not optional.

19. Every day has the possibility to be the best day you've ever had.

20. I can always do better and be better. It's a choice.

Happy New Year to you all.

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pam said...

Its important that we keep learning at our age. Thanks for the post. You are such an encourager to others.