Saturday, March 20, 2010

25 Days

It is only 25 more days until NG7. (You know, my annual get together with my sisters-Nettie's Girls) As can be expected, I am always excited beyond words. And this year is no different.

That's a lie. Well, not a lie really. Maybe just a misstatement. (Is that a word?) This year IS different. I am looking forward to this NG in a way that I haven't before now. It seems that most years we have been coming together after facing some life-altering experience since the last one-the death of our mother, Nettie; the death of our father; the first flood at my house; the death of our baby sister. Add in births of grandbabies, ups and downs in jobs and any number of other things and you have four women who need some down time, some rest and relaxation.

But, this year I am anxious for NG because I feel like it is my life preserver, the knot at the end of the rope, my last hope, the light at the end of the tunnel. I need NG more right now than ever. It is a phenomenon unlike any other that, as soon as the four of us are together, life and all of it's insanity will fade into the background. The pure joy that we experience when we are together is indescribable. And, it makes me feel just a little sad for any of you out there that don't enjoy this with your family.

So, twenty five days from now, that sound you hear, that collective sigh of four fabulous women, will mark the beginning of NG7. And, four days later we will part, sadly, but stronger-recharged for one more year.

I cannot wait!


LRK said...

I'm happy you have such an experience and community, a sisterhood in the truest sense. It's a beautiful thing. Much love (LRK = Riley).

Becky said...

Verla, having that connection with your sisters is so precious. I am praying for these next 25 days to pass quickly for you and that the four days with NG pass slowly and are a balm to your soul!

Erin said...

Sisters are such a gift, and I love that you all get together like that. Enjoy.

Amber said...

YAY! I am excited too!! I can't wait to hear all abou it! Take lots of pics!