Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Giver

Gift #1:

The last few weeks have been fun for me. Dennis, henceforth known as The Giver, bought me two neat-o gifts. Both are things that I have been wanting for a long time.

First up: The Amazon Kindle-a wonder and marvel for a reader like me. I love to read. I would rather read than anything else. Yes, even eat. If you are not familiar with the Kindle, go to and type in Kindle and watch the demo about this amazing product.

It looks innocent, doesn't it?

The Kindle stores books, tons of books. So, whatever I am reading is at my fingertips all the time. Have you ever been reading a series and finish one and can't wait to go check out or buy the next one? Well, with the Kindle I finish a book and I can log on to the wireless Kindle store and download the next book in 60 seconds! Prices for books range from free (yes, there are some free ones) to 9.99. Current bestsellers are obviously the higher priced ones. But, considering that with new releases in hardback you are going to pay upwards of 22.00, 9.99 is a great price. I downloaded the complete works of Emily Dickinson for .99!! You read a page and touch the "next page" button to advance. You can highlight passages, bookmark them and there is a dictionary to look up any words you don't know.

Here is a closer look. The screen is very easy on the eyes. I can read for hours. It is great while lying in bed because it weighs almost nothing. When you are through reading, close the cover and it puts itself to sleep. When you wake it up, it is already at the page you were reading.

For an avid reader like me, this is the absolute ultimate gift!
Gift #2:

Here is my other gift. I told people on Facebook about it last week but they didn't get a picture of it. We went to Best Buy last Monday to replace Dennis' big television. After choosing a tv the salesman asked if he could show us anything else. Dennis said that we would like to look at laptops. He asked if it would be for Dennis, me or Katie. Dennis pointed at me. It was news to me but who am I to protest? So, I scored a laptop that day. I love it. Well, when I can keep Katie off of it!

I love the full size keyboard and that it has the number keypad on the right. The picture is so clear. It has some really great features. I love the "create your own radio station" feature on Pandora.

So, there they are-my two gifts from the Giver, Dennis. He really is a sweet guy. Thanks Dennis.


Pleasant Drive said...

Wow! What neat gifts. I think the name, Giver, is well deserved!

Amber said...

Wow...What a great giver he is! so thoughtful!

Esterbune said...

Those are very thoughtful gifts from Dennis. I agree, he is a very, very sweet guy.