Sunday, October 5, 2008


Our pastor spoke today about characteristics of the early church. We were studying the latter part of chapter two of the book of Acts. He pointed out some of the things the church was "devoting themselves to". One of those was fellowship. Being a Baptist I know that fellowship is often thought of as a potluck dinner after church. He alluded to that misconception in his sermon. He said many good things today that made me re-think my understanding of fellowship but one in particular stood out to me. We know that the church is to be light and preach about the Light-Jesus. People need to see that light. But, most people are looking more for warmth than they are light. People want to feel welcomed and loved and accepted and at home. So much of the time in our church life we concentrate on polishing our lamps and making sure our lights are bright but forget to make sure the glow from our light is close enough to warm anyone. Are we keeping our distance so that nothing makes our light go out? We are good at being light on Sunday but what about the rest of the time? What about our Monday through Saturday lives? What about letting them in close enough to see the cracks in our "my life is so perfect" facade? I get so caught up in my schedule and my routine and what I want that I seldom leave room for God to use me if He wanted to do so. I need to let God show me what He wants and where He wants me to open up my life. And, I need to do this without checking my calendar for availability!


Tamatha said...

I really enjoyed the sermon today. It made me stop and think about certain things as well. I remember when I was younger and we lived behind Dennis and Marg and beside Les and Terri - we were always fellowshipping - it seemed it was every Wed night and Sundays. I miss those days when life seemed more calm and slower. I also miss Marg - what a wonderful example she was to me.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I understand completely! My "busy schedule" is too many times an excuse. We need to understand that life will ALWAYS be why not do it now? Sounds like a good sermon!

Tanya said...

That sounds like such a great sermon. Thanks for sharing!